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Details on event 2007/05/06 00:34:03.5 UTC

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Details on event No:  30218725.00000
epicenter:Baseldate and time:2007/05/06 00:34:03.5 UTC
event type:inducedproviding agency:SED (ECOS-09)
depth:4. km depth error:< 5 km
geographic coordinates:47.579° N 7.601° E
Swiss national coordinates:612.2 km X 269.8 km Y
location error:<= 5 km NS<= 5 km EW
Moment magnitude (Mw)
magnitude:2.36Mw standard deviation:0.15
Mw assessment method:converted from Ml (SED)Mw error class:
Mw id:584307Mw derived from magnitude id:104823
Local magnitude (Ml)
magnitude:2.3Ml standard deviation:0.1
Ml assessment method:instrumentalMl error class:
Ml id:104823Ml derived from magnitude id:
azimutal gap:140no. of phase readings7
distance to closest station:0 km
Epicentral intensity (Io)
epicentral intensityIIIIo error<= 0.5 intensity unit
Io source agencySED (ECOS-02)
Maximal intensity (Ix)
Maximal intensityIIIIx uncertaintyunknown
Ix source agencyno. of assigned intensities3

Further magnitudes

IDmagnitudetypeerror classstandard deviationassessment methodproviding agency:derived from ID
1048232.3Ml0.1instrumentalSED ECOS 09
5843072.36Mw0.15converted from Ml (SED)SED ECOS 09104823